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  • I knew
  • Prophecy
  • - Sempe Clean
  • How far
  • Hard working people
  • - Sempe Clean
  • How far
  • Hard working people
  • - Sempe Clean
  • I knew
  • Prophecy
  • - Sempe Clean
  • The upcoming dancehall artiste Boonoonoonous has been nominated for Youth empowerment awards as the dancehall artiste of the year. And this is a great news for the the artiste as we all know, he deserves this and even more.
  • - Boonoonoonous
  • Sempe clean
  • Moving forward
  • - Sempe Clean
  • My new manager
  • New life new thing
  • - Sempe Clean
  • "Musto Lallana" The Most Talented Fastest Rising African Reggae/Dancehall Artist
  • The Young Trap Dancehall Lord is among the most talented rising artist from Ghana. Rising through the ranks of many top Dancehall upcoming art in Africa. Musto Lallana is a Reggae/Dancehall artist from the province of Cape Coast, Ghana and is noted for his fast rap twist with Reggae/DanceHall. The Multi talented Dj has been the hottest thing the music market is yet to unleash.He goes by the Label #Sneakn and has for the past few years being placed on top shows in Ghana and across Africa. Check him out on his YouTube channel and don't forget to subscribe
  • - Musto Lallana
  • Stop complain
  • Emotional song is a reality
  • - Sempe Clean
  • Stop complain
  • Emotional song
  • - Sempe Clean
  • Stop complain
  • Emotional song
  • - Sempe Clean
  • A good artist create something new New track come soon ft Ablekuman nanalace ( I knew) support my music . Clean Fan's always Clean Clean Clean.
  • I'm free from force marketing.
  • - Sempe Clean
  • Ben Name
  • People help me
  • - Sempe Clean
  • Heart Land
  • I love my home and the great people! Forever love.
  • - Romasquo African boble Wizzy

Latest Audio

    I knew
  • -Sempe Clean
  • Prophecy works
    No Chedda for the day
  • -Kennismusic
  • Revolutionary
    Sisi Lucy
  • -Kennismusic
  • Love song
    Enough is Enough
  • -Phada Cee
  • Heart Broken For Lovers
    Wait 4U Time
  • -Phada Cee
  • Social Commentary song
    Sherifa ft Don Maghazy
  • -Boonoonoonous
  • This is for the ladies so you guys have to download this song and play for the dream ladies and win their hearts
    You Go Gee Me Love
  • -Splend
  • This song is about girls who are only interested in men's money,they pretend because of the cash at the end of the day they refuse to give the men the love they deserve.
    Boy Nyce - Pain
  • Boy Nyce talks about Life, the double side of Life, the ups and downs but hoping things will come together soon.
    My light
  • -Boonoonoonous
  • This song isa whole prayer to God. And the song is gonna make you send all your needs to God.
    Figure 8
  • -Ty style
  • This song is for the ladies with the beautiful face and lovely shape #woman to the world
    Stop complain
  • -Sempe Clean
  • sempe.Stop complain.jpg
  • Emotional song is a reality
    Bitcoin in Africa: The Ubuntu Way – Part 1 Zimbabwe: Ideal Conditions for Bitcoin?
  • -Anita Posch
  • In this 1st part of the “Bitcoin in Africa” podcast documentary you get an insight about the current living situation of Zimbabweans and the countrys political history, which paints a picture about why things are how they are, as well as the state of human rights and free speech. In February 2020 right before the quarantine and travel restrictions due to the Corona Virus pandemic started, I travelled Zimbabwe and Botswana to get a picture from the ground about the usage of Bitcoin in these countries. Zimbabwe and Venezuela are very ofted named as countries where Bitcoin could be making a difference, in supporting people’s economic situation. I wanted to see by myself, if this is true and in how far Bitcoin is known and used there.
  • -Romasquo African boble Wizzy
  • I rap in English

Latest Videos

    Stop Complain by -
  • Writing by Sempe clean. An emotional and heart touching song letting you to know that no matter what you are going through in life some are going through worst than you
    Andreas M. Antonopoulos busting arguments against Bitcoin and revealing real risks (Audio only) by -
  • In this episode common misconceptions and FUD about Bitcoin like high volatility, energy consumption, inequalities in the distribution of wealth and the risk of possible failure are addressed by Andreas M. Antonopoulos.
    Freestyle from Romasquo by -
  • Laying down a freestyle in Port Loko

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04/12/2029 7pm

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Mapuka night uts a night show where some of the artist are going to perform and it’s to bring people together to know more people

Birthday concert party

29/10/20 8pm till drop

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It’s a birthday concert party Celebration of cedis marley known as silencer to create some little awareness about ilymust music and let people know more about and bitcoin to the world and for some of our upcoming artist to showcase their talents Thank you

2020 I want to make a show in port loko city

for long time I don't make a show in port loko city well April 9

2020 I want to make a show in port loko city by

I want to start the Harvart now for more +23230325378

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8/1/19 5:00pm

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Block Party in Freetown

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