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NewAfricaRadio Network is an on-line radio "Resource Podcast" and Network. It is the "Go-To" for podcasters to teach and listeners to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, We aim to provide cutting edge and free education on a variety of Business ideas and practices, including Entrepreneurship, global Merchandising using cryptocurrency, and emerging technologies for Buyers, Sellers, Service Providers, Inventors, Farmers, Educators, Philanthropists, Adventurers, etc. In essence, we aim to be a news and information resource for all of the Greater African Continent ("from the ground up, and back again"), with a bit of good music intermingled!


Our vision is to drive entrepreneurial and distribution focused initiatives based on improving commerce and opportunity in Emerging Middle-Income Economies (EMIC's) so that people may tranform the way they live their lives. It is a resource for all entrepreneurs in Africa to learn from, get involved in, and create new products, opportunities and services for their communities. Additionally, NewAfricaRadio Network doubles as a resource for investors to find these entrepreneurs and other projects and support their funding and growth.

M-Pesa (Kenya's Digital Currency) has helped provide over 70% of previously unbanked Kenyans with financial services.


New Africa Radio Network's mission is facilitate economic transparency and market fluidity for all Africans through the widespread adoption and implementation of a mindset of Liberty, Entrepreneurship, CryptoCurrencies.

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We are a collective of group of Bitcoiners from around Africa and the world. We believe that Liberty, Bitcoin, and digital currency has the potential to revolutionize Africa.

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