African Bitcoin Foundation

User Guide

View Pages – All pages are accessible via the main menu.

Sign Up – New users can register via the ‘sign up’ link found on the main menu. This allows for participation in the forum and partner applications.

Login/Logout – Users can login/logout via the main menu. The reset password function (accessible via the login screen) allows users to have a new temporary password emailed to them.

Edit Account Details - To edit account details (after sign in), click the ‘my account’ link on the main menu.

Forum Participation – After login, users can participate in the forums. The ‘new forum’ link (on the forum page) allows users to create a new forum, and the ‘new post’ link found on individual forum pages allows for new posts to be added to forums.

Partner Sign Up Form – To register yourself or your business/organization as a partner, complete the partner sign up form. This form can be accessed from the homepage via the ‘join us’ link (users must login first).