New Africa Radio

Here at New Africa Radio, our mission is to unite Bitcoin groups from all over Africa and connect them to the global Bitcoin community.

Our vision is to see digital currency tranform the way people live their lives.

Bitcoin has the potential to transform Africa in many ways... Currently in Africa, over 70% of people do not have access to even the most basic form of personal banking and therefore cannot trade beyond their own physical location (i.e. they can only transact via hand to hand cash transfers); Bitcoin has to the power to change this on national levels while promoting seamless trade between countries. In Kenya, we have seen their own digital currency M-PESA (translated this means mobile money) transform Kenya into a financial hub in its region. The number of citizens who have access to banking services has increased from 20% to over 80% in only 10 years. Bitcoin has the potential to repeat this all over Africa.

Toby - Welcome To The Blockchain (The Bitcoin Song)

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