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29-Sep-2015 07:20 African Bitcoin Foundation The African Bitcoin Foundation is open for business. Please visit our site regularly.
29-Oct-2015 14:32 Commonwealth Secretariat to Explore Bitcoin The Commonwealth Secretariat is set to hold a hearing on digital currencies from 17th to 18th February to identify how the nascent technology might benefit consumers in the developing world. Source: Source:
29-Oct-2015 14:48 Africa Central Bankers Looking to Regulate Bitcoin Bitcoin use is gaining steam in Africa, saving people money everywhere. The popularity of the currency has gained the attention of users and government officials. Exchanges and brokerage services for the virtual currency are appearing quite a bit in the large continent, making advances towards the $40 billion USD per year remittance economy.
29-Oct-2015 14:51 Bitcoin Set to Disrupt African Tourism Industry A lot of traditional retailers have announced intentions of going through the processes to officially accept bitcoin as a form of payments, other retailers are in the final stages of incorporating bitcoin into their payment set up. Of all the big ticket retailers that are coming on board to accept bitcoin, none of them gets me as excited as the travel related agencies and companies. Source: